Shielding Your Eyes From The Light: My Go-To Migraine Glasses

January 5, 2019

Fun fact: I have 20/20 vision. These glasses on my face are not because I need to correct my eyesight, but in fact, they block all types of light that make my vestibular disorder worse.

For the past two years, I was wearing “gamer glasses” my husband bought for me to filter the light. Fluorescent lights or the blue lights shining from my computer made it so I could hardly see because of the floaters.

Not to mention, it was impossible for me to be able to go to places like Target and function normally without glasses. My gamer glasses have been a life saver for me, but I had no idea that there were even better products out there to alleviate my symptoms.

Until now…

I’m so excited to announce that I’ve partnered with BluTech Lenses on their line of lenses that are designed to filter very specific wavelengths of blue light via patented lens pigments. You see, prior to my disorder, I was already super sensitive to light, and when I got diagnosed with vestibular migraines, bright fluorescent lights and computer/tablets made it impossible for me to function.


I know so many of you have been asking me about these, so I wanted to get the word out to you. I would never promote something if it hasn’t truly helped me, and if you’ve read my blog posts, you know that I rely on my migraine glasses.

Honestly, any light filtering glasses can help you through your day-to-day at first, but after partnering with BluTech, I’ve learned so much about how lights can affect you at your desk job when you’re staring at a computer daily with fluorescent lights above you. Not all lenses out there will protect your eyes, and if you have migraines, you need the extra protection.

I’ve known so many people suffering with this disorder that had to either quit their job or change careers because of their work environment (including me.) If you think about it, we spend our waking hours gazing into computer monitors, laptops, tablets, smart phones and LED TVs that all emit artificial blue light — as do the energy-efficient LED lights and compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs that light our rooms.

That’s not good for our brains, especially when you slap on a neurological disorder on top of it. Without my glasses, I would not be able to feel normal in my everyday life. Anyone who knows me with this disorder knows that I won’t leave the house without them. And that was before I found these new glasses I’m wearing.


In the photo above, I’m wearing the ULTRA lens that is my everyday go-to pair. I work in marketing and spend 8+ hours on my computer, and these make that doable for me. They’re also more fashionable than your typical migraine glasses.

Rather than have a noticeable purple or red migraine lenses, the ULTRA is more stylish, but at the same time provide this broad-spectrum blue light protection in a lens that can be worn all day and night without altering color perception.


The darker pair I’m wearing, referred to as the MAX lens, is a little bit darker of a lens. However, when you’re having a HORRIBLE migraine/dizzy day, fashion is the least of your worries. The MAX has served me well on cloudy days and driving at night.

They’ve also been my go-to before bed to protect my eyes while I watch TV or flip through on my phone. I’ve been leaning on these on my bad migraine days because it feels like the light is less apparent.

As I said before, any light filtering glasses will make a difference, but as I’ve discovered more about what directly affects me, I need glasses that can block both fluorescent lights, along with blue light and these glasses provide more than a tint because of their patented pigment technology.

All I can say thus far is that these are working for me! If you’re interested in learning more about these glasses or want to get a pair for yourself, click here.

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